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Is Your Web Hosting Provider Meeting Your Needs?

In the mad rush to get a company website up and running, many businesses chose the first provider on the block who could get the job done. Today with over 50% of corporate America online, any provider isn’t good enough. Competition online is fierce and customers who use your website expect “dial-tone” reliability. Are you offering what they need?

The Industry Has Progressed

There are thousands of web hosting providers in America, and that is thousands fewer than there used to be. Thorworx stands above the less reliable players. We offer a world-class web hosting and email service that delivers the same “Telco-grade” reliability and performance that our traditional services do. But there’s nothing “traditional” about our leading edge hosting.

Businesses expect solid uptime on their website and email. Being “down” is being out of business. Thorworx delivers guaranteed 99.9% uptime.

More Features Equals More Productivity for You

Thorworx starts with the basics. Our web hosting service puts total control of your site in your hands with the industry standard cPanel, our powerful but easy to use “control panel.” With it, you and your key staff can set up email for employees, track website traffic and statistics, manage and maintain your website. And all of this is protected under layered security so your staff can manage what they are authorized to.

Choose from Scaleable Packages to Meet Your Needs

Be sure to have a look at our pricing page for more information about what we have to offer.

Hosting Packages
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